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There are so many ways in which you too can live the #RescueLife just like Rocky and the rest of the SAVE our SHELTER team! These are just a few examples of ways in which you can help improve the lives of animals in shelters and rescues in your community.


01 | Adopt

Go to an Adoption event If you are thinking about adding a fuzzy family member, consider adopting from your local shelters and rescues. There are so many amazing animals in need of loving forever homes. The happiness that an adopted dog, cat, or any other new pet will add to your home is immeasurable! They have adoption events at PetSmarts and can find one at your local PetSmart

Find a Pet Our sponsor, PetSmart Charities, is another great resource for finding adoption events and adoptable pets in your community. Visit their website for more information:

Rocky's Pet Tips In honor of National Pet Dental Month, Flip let me demonstrate how to brush a dog's teeth on him this week! What a guy! Don't use human toothpaste unless you have taught your dog to spit! Look on the back of your toothpaste. You will most likely find a statement that it should not be ingested. See more great pet tips here
02 | Volunteer! 03 | Natural food 04 | Watch

Shelters and rescues across all over North America are always shorthanded. Whether you can only spare a few hours a month, or are able to dedicate an afternoon each week, you will be welcomed with open arms (and paws). LEARN MORE

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All of the shelters on the show feed DOG for DOG DOGSFOOD, which is made from natural, carefully sourced ingredients, and is free of wheat, corn, soy, and byproducts. Available in a variety of recipes that your pup will be sure to love!
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Be sure to watch SAVE our SHELTER every week for more ways you can get involved in the #RescueLife

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Have an adopted pet? Volunteer at a shelter in your community? Just have a happy, heartwarming tale about pets? We want to hear about your #RescueLife stories!

I want to submit my shelter Do you work at or know of a shelter that you think could benefit from Rocky's and the SAVE our SHELTER Team's help? Submit your shelter and tell us why! Who knows, maybe your shelter could be on an episode of SAVE our SHELTER!"

Want to learn about how you can get involved in the #RescueLife? Tell us what you like to do to help animals in need and we will make sure to keep you up to date with all of the ways you can help even more animals!

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