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Being a part of the Save Our Shelter team is a great and rewarding experience that I’ll always be grateful for. Sure you make a place look nice and more functional, but the test to know if you’ve really served your purpose is when you see these sheltered pets get adopted into forever homes. That’s why i always encourage people to get to a shelter and volunteer your time – don’t worry about what you can or can’t do, it’s not about perfection, it’s about participation.

Emmanuel Belliveau is on a mission to help save animal shelters and pet’s lives as as the design expert on Save Our Shelter Season 2 airing on The CW. Emmanuel is fast becoming a familiar face on HGTV. With a passion for transforming dated objects into cutting-edge classics, it’s no wonder he has found a home as the dynamic co-host of My Parents’ House. Hailing from Salisbury, New Brunswick, Belliveau – the youngest of twelve children – graduated from Dalhousie University with a B.Sc. Upon graduation, Belliveau relocated to Vancouver where he tried his hand at various trades – including kinesiology and flight attending – before succumbing to his passion for design.

Straight from the FNDA, Belliveau moved to Toronto from Vancouver to join My Parents’ House as the charming, humourous co-host with Andrika Lawren. Not surprisingly, Belliveau’s passion for architecture – particularly in creating appeal in a physical environment – has come in handy. So did his love of transitional design – or reworking a dated object into a contemporary piece. Belliveau cites his main design influences as architecture – particularly how lines change a space.


When Belliveau is not hacking through walls or re-fashioning old furniture for My Parents’ House, you can find him renovating old homes, playing Ultimate Frisbee and not surprisingly – making his own furniture.


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