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Bio | Cathy Bissell

Philanthropy Expert & Founder of Bissell Pet Foundation


The Save Our Shelter team is doing amazing work across the country not just by physically changing shelters but, more importantly, changing the perception of the shelter experience to allow pets to get better exposure and higher adoption rates,” said Cathy Bissell, founder of BISSELL Pet Foundation. “I have loved being associated with this team of individuals that is dedicated to animal welfare and shares my passion for getting pets adopted. BISSELL Pet Foundation exists to help every pet find a loving, forever home and Save Our Shelter is an incredible partner to educate the public and truly make a difference.

Cathy Bissell is on a mission to help save animal shelters and pets’ lives as a philanthropy expert on Save Our Shelter Season 2, airing on The CW.Cathy loves pets. From her early years, when she was convincing her parents to let her have just one more pet, to being a loving pet mom to her three black Labs (KC, Roxy and Taz) today, pets have been Cathy’s life-long passion. Cathy supported the adoption efforts of shelters and rescues around the country before founding the BISSELL Pet Foundation in 2011. BISSELL Pet Foundation’s mission is to help reduce the number of animals in shelters and rescues through pet adoption, spay/neuter programs, microchipping and foster care.

Another innovative program that Cathy launched at BISSELL is Partners for Pets. More than 2,500 animal welfare organizations across the United States participate in the Partners for Pets program to help them raise funds through the sale of BISSELL products.Cathy’s dedication to animal welfare has remained strong throughout her time at BISSELL. She has led the way to incorporate pets into the company spirit – from influencing product design and innovation targeting excellence in pet cleaning to encouraging many BISSELL employees to choose pet adoption for their own homes. Cathy will continue her quest for animal rescue and welfare until every pet has a home.

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